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About the Digi-Mentor Team

The Digi-Mentor Team consists of students and teachers taking part in the project “DigitAll”. The main aim of the project team is to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive programme of courses, workshops, on-line resources and courses, good practice videos and a range of other supports and resources for students and teachers. It will play a leading role in promoting and supporting the embedding of digital technologies in teaching and learning processes in schools. The most important information connected with the implementation of the project activities and the achievements of the Digi- Mentor Team will be presented on the Digi- Mentor Portal available on the project webpage.  

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Digi Mentor Team in the partner schools



In each of the partner schools there are Digi Mentor Teams of students and teachers working together on the DigitAll activities and outcomes. The informative meetings were organised at the beginning of the project cooperation and regular assemblies take place in all partner schools throughout the project time and in the long- run too.

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Digi Mentor Team in practice: apps and other teaching and learning aids

Educational apps


Digi Mentor Team at Wojska Polskiego High School🇵🇱😉

Digital applications are becoming more and more popular nowadays and they are being used for various students’ needs. The use of educational apps has surely changed the way students around the world acquire knowledge, study, revise for exams, learn and practise new skills. Our students from the Polish Digi Mentor Team have reviewed some of the commonly used apps and made the following presentations.

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Turkish Digi-Mentor Team students made a presentation on the applications that can be used to improve learning to learn in the digital world. Through this presentation, both students and teachers discovered different ways of using the internet for different purposes and how to integrate these applications into their classes.

#erasmus #digitall

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The North Macedonia

The use of educational apps surely changes the way students around the world study, learn about things and observe the world. Our students at Gymnasium Goce Delchev from North Macedonia have recognized this positive influence. With every new day, they discover and carefully try out various apps, aid their learning habits, and so we’d like to share some of these experiences 🙂.

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Portugal - the presentation on the usage of educational apps prepared by Portuguese students.

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Workshops for students and teachers

Workshops on how to use google apps- Portuguese mobility

During the students’ exchange in Forte da Casa, students attended the IT classes and workshops on an effective use of google apps in practice. They prepared various cultural presentations, online leaflets and posters. They could also enquire about google apps which make our studying easier and help in everyday life.

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Workshops Video it- Turkish mobility

During the Turkish mobility students could know various techniques and programmes used while making videos. They attended lectures on Video tips and took part in practical sessions too. Students were asked to record their own videos on Bursa’s experience and presented them during workshops.

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Workshops in North Macedonia

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Workshops for students on the educational apps- Poland

Teachers and students at Wojska Polskiego High School took part in workshops presenting the use of educational apps enhancing and improving students’ abilities and studying various subjects.

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Workshops for teachers- Polish mobility

During Polish mobility teachers were trained on the effective use of the Internet in the classroom on various techniques and applications enhancing learning and teaching process.

Students presented their favourite educational apps and expressed their opinions on them.

It was a chance for the students-teachers debate and a good example of the Digi- Mentor Team cooperation.

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